Maine Insight Consulting

No one in the helping professions enters their field to sit in meetings and haggle over policies. Let us help you get back to your mission. Maine Insight Consulting offers a wide range of services with the necessary tools and expertise to support your social service needs. We specialize in training in Maine adult and children services, operations, compliance, and management skills for clinical professionals. We help people help people.


Operations & Compliance

Establish and streamline your internal operations.

No one gets into social services to sit in meetings and analyze policies. Looking to become a MaineCare provider or add a new service? Need assistance streamlining your internal operations? Let me help make it happen. No matter whether your agency serves 5 or 5,000, we can help you get there by clarifying, formalizing and organizing your internal operations so you can get back to your mission.

Training & Presentations

Preparing your employees for the long haul.

Having a well-trained and prepared workforce in the social service world is vital to providing a quality service and retaining good employees. A the same time I know that your time and financial resources are precious. I offer custom training and professional presentations on a variety of topics to meet your needs. Topics include cross training on Maine adult & children services, evidence-based modalities for non-clinical staff, and how managers in helping professions can be more effective. We can mold training to any budget, audience or length!

Supervision & Consultation

Consulting for clinical staff in supervising roles.

Too often managers in helping professions are either clinically trained or business trained- but not both. The missing skill set results in poorly run services and poor morale for staff. With experience in both clinical practice and social service management, let me guide your new managers to gain the critical supervisory skill set they need to excel as managers of both people and your operations.

What Our Customers say

Rebekah has been an immense help! We are a new agency and are in the process of contracting with various funding sources to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities. At the same time we are writing policies and creating procedures for our growing organization. Rebekah's consultation has been invaluable. Her knowledge, experience, and connections are second to none. I would recommend her in a heart beat.

Timothy Folley MS, BCBA // Social Significance, LLC